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ACE Academy is the brainchild of Mr. Atul Karampurwala and Mr. Prasad Bhat, two dedicated professionals with a passion for teaching. Founded in the year 2011, ACE has been consistently delivering results in CS Foundation, CS Executive and CS Professional Exams.

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Our Courses

CS Foundation
CS Executive
CS Professional

ACE Academy is a “class” apart!

50+ All India Merit Rankers

Our Team

Prof. Prasad Bhat


CA Atul Karampurwala

CA, M.A Eco., M. Com, SET

Prof. Onkar Pathak

CS, M. Com, NET


CS Foundation Students

All India Merit Rankers

D.Trivedi AIR 13

R.Atravalkar AIR 13

D.Trivedi AIR 13

R.Atravalkar AIR 13

D.Trivedi AIR 13


A wisdom saying :" Knowledge is power , but only when Enthusiasm pulls the switch " According to me A.C.E. is one of the best class where Students as well as Professors take studies/ activities enthusiastically !!!

ACE Academy is one of the best Coaching class in pune.

Just brilliant! Qualified & Experienced faculties, with a very friendly, personal touch!

Trully Too Best , Invest in knowledge , profits are yours ! As said ...

Best coaching.. Friendly teaching staff.. Great Ambience in class rooms.. Must Join!

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